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When you have a business to run, there are so many things that need to be put in place. You need to ensure that you have the right environment to attract more clients and customers. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through commercial cleaning Auckland. However, most businesses are so focused on the core activities that they lack the time to clean their premises. This is why there are so many commercial cleaning companies Auckland to help you with such issues.


We are the best cleaning company and we have what it takes to clean any commercial building without any difficulties. We have been in the cleaning business for a long time and we have so many positive reviews from satisfied clients. Through the years, we have set the standard so high in the Auckland commercial cleaning industry. Our cleaning specialists are trained and equipped with the relevant skills to help accomplish commercial cleaning with ease. We have a reputation for providing affordable and the best cleaning solutions for the business community in Auckland. Our cleaners are always keen to ensure total customer satisfaction with every project that they undertake. We will go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are happy with the outcome of the cleaning process.

If you would want to have a clean and fresh workplace, we are the best cleaning company to come to. Cleaning is a demanding task, especially for commercial buildings. We want to save you all the trouble by providing safe and efficient cleaning services. We have the best team of Auckland cleaners, who are extensively trained and experienced in cleaning all types of commercial properties.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and to get our professional cleaning services. Our friendly customer care experts are ready to answer all your questions and provide a free estimate.

Why We Stand Out

There are so many cleaners Auckland and each one claims to be the best. However, most cleaners do not have what it takes to handle commercial cleaning tasks. Our cleaners are trained to pay attention to the needs of the specific client. We have a wide range of cleaning equipment and tools that we will use to make your commercial property look clean and sparkling. We are flexible and as such, we will work around your schedule so as to avoid interruptions with your business operations.

We are the best commercial cleaning specialists and when you choose us, you are assured of top-notch cleaning services. The benefit of working with us is the fact that we will provide you with the finest quality cleaning services at affordable rates. Most business owners have discovered that we can be trusted with cleaning services. As a matter of fact, we will end up exceeding your expectations when you choose us for commercial cleaning services. We clean carpets, upholstery, floors and all other surfaces on your property.

If you need a professional cleaning company for your business, we are right here for you and we will be happy to serve you. Our cleaning products are safe for all surfaces. When it comes to builders clean, we are the best and we will leave your construction site neat and tidy.

Our Services

Commercial cleaning auckland

We are a company that is committed to providing our clients with professional cleaning services Auckland. There are many commercial properties that we have cleaned over the years. Our main difference is the fact that we will provide each of our clients with tailored services. We know the importance of making sure that your business premises are clean and as such, we will not compromise on the quality of the service. We have continued to diversify our services and we are ready to help you with different cleaning solutions. You can trust us to provide services with a personal touch.

Our Auckland commercial cleaners are experienced in:

  • Commercial cleaning
  • Building cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Retail cleaning
  • Childcare centres cleaning
  • Retirement centres cleaning
  • Medical centres cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Retail cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning

Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning auckland

When you have an office that has so many activities going on, you may not have the time to clean it up. Sadly, when the environment is not clean, you will be vulnerable to a number of health hazards. We are here to offer the best office cleaning Auckland services. We have a team of experts who are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable. As such, when you choose us, we will provide you with comprehensive cleaning services for your office. When you have a clean office, your customers, employees and visitors will feel comfortable. We have modern equipment and cleaning machines that make the process of cleaning your property much easier.

We are trained and our office cleaning in Auckland is like no other. With cleaning contractors who are licensed, insured and bonded, you can trust us with your commercial cleaning services. Our cleaners are committed to making sure that your office is tidy and this attracts more customers. You do not have to worry about interruptions of your business operations as we are flexible. We can clean your office at night or during weekends. Your satisfaction is our main focus and this is why we go the extra mile to provide cleaning services that suit you.

Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial cleaning contractors auckland

Upholstered furniture is meant to enhance your interior décor and keep up with your overall theme. However, after a while, you may realize that your upholstery looks dull and worn out. We are professional experts and part of our retail cleaning is to ensure that the upholstery is clean. With our hot water extraction cleaning technique, we are able to offer deep cleaning services. There is a lot of dirt that is hidden inside your upholstery and this can be harmful. Most of the dirt on your furniture is caused by body oil, dust mites and so much more.

With your naked eye, you may not see it but we have the best equipment to clean out all the dirt. We have a special team that handles the cleaning of upholstery with specialized equipment. Our team of experts are experienced and will use the best cleaning products. We will handle every fabric and material in a safe manner. As such, you do not have to worry about any of your upholstery being damaged. We use cleaning products that are made from natural ingredients. Contact us and get a free quote and schedule an appointment for the best upholstery cleaning Auckland.

“We are using this company for the last 3 years and they have been very professional and we are very happy with the service. I would highly recommend them. ” – Simon M.

Industrial cleaning auckland

“These guys were recommended to me by a friend who they also work for. Ever since I have gotten in touch with these guys I have found them to be very professional and polite and friendly. Great commercial cleaning service. ” – Sam B.

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"We hired this company few weeks ago for cleaning our offcie. They did a fantastic job! Their response time was quick and their work is outstanding. We have had some bad experiences with commercial cleaners in the past, but this company is far different. Keep up the good work!“ –Clair A.

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Carpet Cleaning

Ordinarily, carpets are usually placed to enhance the comfort and interior design of a place. However, carpets tend to accommodate a lot of dirt over time, which is dangerous for your health. We are professional commercial carpet cleaners in Auckland and we have been providing quality services at affordable rates. This is one of the most crucial services that we offer as childcare centres cleaning so as to make sure that the children are safe. There are lots of invisible dirt and dust mites that are deep inside your carpets. We have the right equipment, skills, and experience in cleaning carpets.

Our truck-mounted equipment is effective and we will be able to improve the cleanliness of your property. We have different methods of cleaning carpets and steam cleaning is one of the best. This is known as hot water extraction and will be used to get rid of the dirt that is inside the carpet fibres. By the time we are done, we will make sure that the carpet is restored completely and your indoor air quality is improved. If you need retirement centres cleaning for your carpets, give us a call and get a free estimate. Our services are affordable and of the best quality.

Retirement Centres cleaning auckland

Move-in/Move-out Cleaning

Through the years, we have been known as the most reliable builders cleaning experts. We are also experienced in end-of-tenancy cleaning services. If you want to get your security deposit back, there is a standard of cleaning that is required. Whether you are moving in or moving out, you may not have the time to clean the premises thoroughly and this is where we come in. We have a team of commercial cleaners who are skilled and equipped to clean all buildings. It does not matter the condition of the property as we have what it takes to clean it completely. Our Auckland commercial cleaners only use the best cleaning products and methods.

When your tenancy has come to an end, you should contact us to help you with the cleaning. We are a cleaning company that will impress landlords and property managers with our skills and quality workmanship. Over the years, we have been working with a number of real estate companies in cleaning the properties that they manage. Our cleaners are highly trained and will be able to restore all surfaces and ensure that they are sparkling clean. You can take advantage of our cleaning services and you will love the fact that we are affordable. We are readily available and we will deliver fast and efficient services.

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Commercial Window Cleaning Auckland

We are the leading cleaners when it comes to commercial cleaning services. Windows are an important part of a building and on commercial properties, they may be hard to maintain. Most buildings are so tall and as such, cleaning windows is a daunting task. We are experts in cleaning windows on different properties. We have a specialized team of medical centres cleaning experts who will leave all windows, glasses and mirrors clean. Our cleaners use the best equipment to clean interior and exterior windows. By the time we are done with the cleaning of your windows, they will be shiny and with no residue marks.

Since windows are fragile in nature, you should never clean them unless you have the relevant experience and skills. We have been in the business for several decades. In most cases, we will clean windows from the ground or use our cranes and bucket trucks. We will not have ladders that are leaning against your windows. We are the right contractors for pool glass and event centres cleaning. We have advanced machinery and equipment that will be used in the cleaning process of your windows and glass.  Contact us and we can schedule a once-off cleaning or regular window cleaning for your premises.

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Contract Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial and industrial cleaning is not an easy task and it takes a lot of work and time. We are professionals and this is our core business. When you come to us, you can choose to have contract cleaning. We have different packages and you can choose a schedule that works for your business. Since we are business owners, we understand what it takes to run a business. As such, we will make sure that the cleaning is done at a convenient time where normal business operations are not affected. We treat your business as our own and we are flexible in terms of our scheduling.

Our commercial cleaning contracts are tailored to suit your specific needs because we understand businesses are different. From the initial meeting, we will evaluate your business needs and determine the right schedule for you. Our attention to detail is what makes us stand out. Our mission is to allow you to focus on your main business while we handle the cleaning aspect of the business. We have so much that we can offer and we will personalize the services to suit your needs. Contact us and allow our friendly team of cleaners to help you come up with the right cleaning schedule. Our contract cleaning stands out as it focuses on the needs of a specific client.

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Our commercial cleaners Auckland are trained, licensed and insured. You can trust us to handle all the cleaning services in the best way. If you need commercial cleaning Auckland services, contact us and get a free estimate.